Working day blooms in Viswajyothi at 8.40am observing five minutes silence. This time is for meditation in tranquility to give a good start for the day.

The school assembly conducted by the students of each class in turn give them confidence to manage all situations. Whether it is an academic event or co-curricular event, students express their leadership qualities. On Wednesdays and Fridays common assembly is conducted by the school leaders. Public speaking and various performances on the stage boost up their talents and wipe away stage fright. We give due importance to Hindi and Malayalam by allotting two days’ assembly for these languages. Presentations and skits give awareness of relevant issues. Important news paper reports are prepared and read by the students in the assembly. This helps them to enhance their vocabulary and communication skills.

Every day a zero period is allotted for various activities. Class teachers interact with the students and get a feedback from them. Literary activities, debate, arts and performances lead the students to perfection.

Every moment in Viswajyothi is a celebration. Learning is made a joyful experience through practical knowledge, better understanding, sharing and caring. A day in Viswajyothi is “learning today for a better tomorrow”