The School Literary Association ‘Samskruthi 2019-20’ was inaugurated by a luminary,  Mr. Alphons Joseph, the world famous music composer and playback singer. The compact form of Shakespearean plays was released by him in the inaugural ceremony.

The Class IX students expressed their creativity by making a compact manuscript form of all the 37 plays of Shakespeare. The handwritten summaries were folded and kept in matchboxes and all the matchboxes were arranged in a beautiful cupboard.  This is a part of the ISA activity AVON ALIVE, aimed at highlighting the importance of Shakespearean literature. The students could read and understand different human nature pronounced by different characters of the plays and of the universal appeal of each play.

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  1. Lathika C P January 7, 2020 at 8:22 am

    Shakespeare is alive today through his great works. The matchbox stories prepared by the Class IX students enable the children to read all the Shakespearean plays. Good work children!

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