A talk  on endangered animals was  arranged and  the resource person Ms Sandhya Vinod  explained to the children the need for protecting animals  and also the ways of protecting them.

 Students dressed up as various endangered animals like lion,  tiger, cheetah, panda,  parrot , wild cat, gorilla etc. They did a ramp walk after which each child said a few main characteristics of that animal and the audience would identify the animal. Some children held placards of these animals and stood with each of these after their identification. This activity helped the children to identify endangered animals and their main characteristics.

Students made animal masks with the help of the teachers which was exhibited  in the Chavara Hall and it was all decked up  to give a feeling of  a mini forest. Animal sounds were also played in the background as the children entered and viewed all the masks.

The students were taken to the Thrissur Zoo as part of ISA Activity  .They were  very much excited in watching, enjoying and learning the features and adaptations of variety animals, birds and reptiles. It was an incredible moment for all the children to witness the dancing ‘Peacock’, the National bird  and the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’  the National animal of India. They have also seen many endangered animals like lion, leopard, deer, alligator, etc.. The Superintendent of State Museum and Zoo, MR. Rajesh V spoke to the students about the importance of protecting wild animals, especially the endangered animals.

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  1. Mariamma koyikkara paily January 16, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Great work.
    It’s really help the kids to think widely about the living things around them.
    Kids feel to take care of the safety and protection of their pets and domestic animals.
    They might develop kindness and concern to their fellow citizens and animals too.
    As I settled in UK we do conduct and participate few animal rescue projects.
    Especially in winter my children fill bird’s feeder and also dogs walk.
    Good ,I appreciate this activity done in the school level that too for Grade 1
    Well done.
    Mariamma koyikkara paily
    85 Nicholas Crescent
    PO 15 5AL

  2. Iris Rose January 22, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    This project is very genuine and is crucial to be knows by students.It helps in creating awareness among kids to know about endangered animals and also motivate them to act environment friendly from their childhood
    Well done!

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