World Environment Day 2019-2020

The World Environment Day was observed on 6th of June, 2019.Students were given a chance to engage in creative activities to educate themselves and to address the environmental issues in near future. They were also informed about the wild life crime and how to make a sustainable consumption of our resources. The specially composed pledge mentioned the need for a coordinated global focus on conserving flora and fauna.

Our Principal Rev. Fr. Joshy Koottumkal CMI, presented the saplings to the student representatives which stimulated the attention of the students and made them aware, respect and appreciate the nature as a whole. Bringing the students to nature and exposing them to the environment was something real when students of grade 5-12 took part in planting saplings and cleaning the campus.It was indeed a transformation from a student to an environmentalist who believes it as his ethical duty. Once again the spirit of the day was reasserted when the whole school received saplings from the management.

A thematic dance, Mother Earth, was also presented before the school that raised global awareness on our surroundings and the need to protect our planet Earth. It could disseminate all gathered knowledge about our planet and brought out a positive attitude towards environmental changes

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  1. Lathika C P January 7, 2020 at 8:19 am

    Nature’s beauty is indescribable. In order to get a close contact with nature, several nature related programmes should be planned. Viswajyothi has done many such. This is also one among them.

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