I believe that education shapes the character, calibre and prospect of an individual. Education has no perimeter to restrict. Intensive and critical thinking, sharpening intelligence, refining character – all are a part of dignified education. Students of Viswajyothi are benefitted by such type of education.

It is a matter of great pride and contentment to be the Principal of Viswajyothi CMI Public School. I see that the journey to the future essentially needs a glimpse of the past.  An examination of the annals of 27 years shows the glittering milestones and fluttering flags of triumphs as a testimony to Viswajyothis’s dynamic existence. Each milestone has a glorious story to tell, each flag has a victory song to intone.

Viswajyothians have the tradition of following the core values Trust in God, Love & Concern, Discipline, Sincerity, Self Confidence and Self Esteem. The salubrious ambience even in the midst of a city and an environment that is highly conducive to teaching and learning, facilitate every Viswajyothian to be a better human being, an excellent student or a gratifying teacher. Curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal importance. Students excel in academics, sports and arts. The formulae for moulding a proficient individual are applied from the formative years onwards. From Kindergarten to Class XII, the students are trained to be courteous, conscientious and committed. This enable them to be competent, creative and resourceful human beings while they leave the portals of this institution.

I feel proud of Viswajyothi which melds the best of the past and gives opportunities for the students to bloom in goodness with a global outlook, love of Nature, concern for mankind, and for enjoying learning in an atmosphere of affection and freedom backed by discipline.

I am sure that the students, whether the current batch or the alumni, enjoy the disciplined freedom, refined culture, God fearing compassion, boundless opportunities, healthy friendship, limitless affection and colourful celebrations that guide them to be perfectly gentle human beings.