Resource Room

Resource Room is for students having apparent learning difficulties. These are conditions that impact on an individual’s ability to gain knowledge and skills at the same rate as his or her peers. Having a learning difficulty means they learn in a different way that can render traditional classroom activities problematic. That’s why people with learning difficulties often require specific strategy training in order to overcome challenges and make progress in an academic environment. The class teachers in regular classes identify these students and after consultation with the parents they are referred to the resource room. In the resource room the school counsellor makes an initial assessment followed by periodic evaluation. They are also referred to external professionals to substantiate the assessment. The resource room is an integral support system for the students in their personal, social, academic and career needs. It helps them overcome their learning difficulties, various academic issues and behavioural problems.

Life Skill Education

The life skill education enhances the critical thinking and problem solving of the students. It helps them to develop their personality and make themselves capable of facing the challenges of the society.

Work Education

For work education, 2 periods per week are allotted for each class according to which students are trained in creative skills such as Puppetry, Doll making, Glass painting, Best out of waste, Paper craft, Embroidery, Jewellery making and Vegetable carving.

Value Education Programme

Students are made aware of the value of our cultural heritage and integral growth of human beings through value education classes. Competent resource persons give lectures on relevant topics. Thus our students inculcate human values, social values, cultural and religious values, ethical values, global values and spiritual values.

Remedial Teaching

Students who are weak in studies are given remedial classes. The subjects which need further studies or references apart from the prescribed text books are also made available through remedial teaching. This makes them enable to enhance their depth of knowledge.


Out of 8 prescribed options the school provides the following ones.: Swimming, Yoga, Sports, Scouts and Guides.

  • For yoga there is a prescribed syllabus
  • Students from classes III upwards follow the syllabus
  • One period in a week is allotted for the same
  • The yoga teacher assess the knowledge about the concepts and philosophy of yoga science through practicals and theory classes
  • Students are trained in different Yogasanas like Sooryanamaskar, Bhujangasana, Pranayama, Vajrasana etc.
  • Every day five minute silence is practiced in the morning to develop concentration.
  • After the training period students perform a display on Yogasanas.

Scouting and Guiding

The school has a scouts and guides unit in which students who have opted scouts and guides from classes VII and VIII are members. The teachers who have undergone training programme on scouts and guides train the students.

  • Training sessions are held every Thursday during the allotted period.
  • Camps are held for the students every year.

School Band

School has an excellent band team. Students from Classes VI to X can join the band team and training is provided by a professional trainer retired from the Indian Navy. The instruments and the paraphernalia related to the band are made available for practice under the supervision of the band master. Every year the School Band gives display of its prowess on important occasions like the Independence Day, Annual Day and other important functions.

Educational tours and picnic

Students from KG to Class XII are taken to field trips. The place selected will be suitable to the age of the students so that they can enjoy the trip. The field trips are arranged for educational purpose and also for recreational purpose. They create a feeling of camaraderie among the students. Class IX and XI go for long tours of 6 to 10 days and all others go for one day trips. Educational trips to NASA are also arranged by the school every year.

Student Exchange programme

The world has become a global village. In this fast changing scenario, Viswajyothi lays great emphasis on providing adequate opportunities for an all round development of the students. We train our students to be competent by providing them ample opportunities to excel. Student exchange programme is one among them which will broaden the students’ outlook and enable them to remove the deep rooted disparities in colour, caste, language and culture. It is a step towards meeting high international standards and nurturing dynamic and well rounded individuals.In view of this, we invite personalities from abroad to visit the
school for seminars and talks on various relevant subjects.

As a part of the student exchange programme, teams from our school visit various institutions in India and abroad to broaden our views.The Principal, two teachers and ten students of Viswajyothi visited National University of Singapore High School. They visited many Technical and Research Institutes in Singapore and worked out programmes for the enhancement of learning in Science and Mathematics. These visits enable an effective networking between the teachers of our school and other schools which will lead to teacher exchange programmes, student exchange programmes and enabling the students to get scholarship to continue their studies from class IX to XII. A team of students from NUS Singapore visited our school.

Two students from our school got scholarship from NUS for conti`nuing their studies there. The tie up with NUS is a mile stone in Viswajyothi’s success and its various collaboration programmes bringing in the blend of technology based skills and teaching practices.

A group of 15 students from this school visited St Mary’s CMI Public school, Patiala as a part of the student exchange programme. This was after their visit to our school. When the programmes are over, the students feel that their self-confidence and self-esteem have increased. This is often the most noticeable result of a student exchange programme.

A group of 20 delegates from Friedrich-schiller Gymnasium, Marbach, Germany, accompanied by their professors, visited Viswajyothi and motivated the students to opt for alternative sources of energy. To mark the beginning, they donated a mini working model of a windmill which generates electricity. This really proves that the inventions of new horizons in science have given us the ability to conserve and utilize the available resources.

In February 2012, a group of students from ‘Istituto Di Istruzione’ Alcide Degasperi, Borgo Valsugana, Italy, visited our school. They spend a week with the students in our school and lived with the host families. In April, our team proposes to go there. Host family is a volunteered family that welcomes student from different place or countries to stay with them during the exchange program period. The integration into another family as well as the development of lifelong friendships could foster an appreciation of home and family.

Student Enrichment Programme (SEP) Classes

SEP classes aim at developing excellent soft skills from childhood to teenage. This motivates children to have an edge over others by refashioning their manners, attitudes, perceptions and behaviour which in turn contribute to higher self-confidence and self-esteem. Besides that, the SEP classes enhance the ability to get along with others, to behave appropriately in a given situation, and to enable to think outside one’s self in order to show consideration and respect for the people, property and circumstances. SEP classes also help children  to think outside-the-box, enhance their creativity, boost their elf-confidence and morale. These skills are instilled in children through customized lectures, role plays and creative activities after analyzing the latent attitudes and cultures of a particular batch. Achievers are rewarded and under achievers are given special focus so that they could excel in their life.


To enhance the leadership qualities among the students, different clubs like drama club, debate club, quiz club, nature club and social service club are functioning during allotted periods.

Drama club

Drama club trains the students in acting and scriptwriting skills. Workshops are conducted by famous persons in the field to enhance their skills.

Debate club

Debate club holds debates on burning issues. The debate club initiates All Kerala Viswajyothi Interschool Debate Competition for the students of CBSE schools in Kerala.

Quiz Club

Quiz club creates awareness on all the current news. Members make questions based on it. Weekly, a ‘Get Quizzical’ Programme is held in which questions are displayed on the bulletin boards in each floor and the students actively participate in it. Prizes are given to the winners. Every year, the club also hosts an All Kerala Viswajyothi Interschool Quiz Competition ‘Viswaprathiba’.

Nature Club

The members of the Nature Club maintain a Herbal Garden in the school campus. Various medicinal plants are grown here. Nature walks are undertaken every year to provide learning experiences in subjects like Science and Geography. One of the best things to do on a nature walk is to simply observe what nature has to offer. Trips to Attapadi, Wayanad etc prove very informative and invigorative to students.

Social Service Club

The Social Service Club is a charitable activity and fund generated is donated to the orphanages and old age homes. Students eagerly donate an amount of Rs.50/- on their birthdays towards charity.

The club with the support of the school management has donated a house to a needy family.

The club initiates in collecting toiletries and stationeries from each student. These things are donated to the orphanages during Christmas week.

The club conducts various activities like food festival to raise funds for charity.

An ambulance had been donated to St. Vincent Old Age Home.
The club, along with the help of the management and Rajagiri Outreach Programme, supports 50 financially week children for their good schooling and social awareness.

Canteen Facility

There is a canteen in the school campus which provides snacks and soft drinks. Students can avail this facility during the recess time.

Transport facilities

The school provides transportation facilities to students by operating buses in all important routes. Our buses are equipped with GPS and handled by well experienced and trained drivers. Lady attenders and first-aid box are made available in all the buses for the safety of children. Parents/ Guardians who wants to send their ward by school bus should apply for the same to the Principal at the beginning of the academic year. The concerned form will be distributed to the students by the class teachers. The bus fees shall be remitted online along with the term fees.

If for any reason, the school buses cannot be plied or if a student misses the bus, parents will have to make the necessary arrangements.

Emergency Transportation Service

The school has a vehicle and a driver for emergency transportation of pupils to hospitals/ clinics.